Welcome to Manley Communications Atelier

Founded in 2000, Manley Communications is a respected communications and media consultancy based in Cape Town, South Africa.

 Our boutique agency and its associate company ManleySocial provides a turn-key service including perception management, relationship lobbying and brand alignment focused on the luxury hospitality, travel and wine industries.

 Owned and operated by respected publicists and hospitality experts, Ian and Lise Manley, we are a results-driven agency who take pride in remaining fiercely independent and departing from business-as-usual. We provide a superior service by working from an agreed-upon fee structure – not timesheets; and delivering a clearly stated program of work. Expenses are never marked up and clients never run out of “allotted time.”

Global Connections

We are a proud long-standing member of the PR World Network, an international organisation of independent agencies created to offer worldwide public relations and marketing from 21 global agencies in more than 50 countries.

Our business is ensuring the spotlight remains firmly focused on your business.

Twenty-four years of experience in perception management

Relationship lobbying and brand alignment

Public relations, media consultancy and social media management

Grand Events and Virtual Gatherings


Grande Roche & Restaurant


Majeka House

Melozhori Private
Game Reserve

The Peech Hotel

Basalt at The Peech Hotel



Le coin Français

SA Brandy Foundation


Pot Luck Club CT

Pot Luck Club JHB

Shortmarket Club JHB

CARNE on Keerom

CARNE on Kloof

Belly of the Beast


Chefs Warehouse
Beau Constantia

Chefs Warehouse MAISON

The Red Room by Chefs Warehouse

MIRAGE Catamaran

La Tarte

Radford Dale

Public Relations and Media Consultation

Manley Communications Atelier offers a quiver full of services to ensure that all your company’s public relations and media engagement is met.

  • Communication Strategy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Launch events and curated gatherings
  • Photography and Videography
  • Print and Digital Content Creation
  • Product placement
  • Reputation Management
  • Custom created content, multi platform digital experiences that capture media attention and drive community engagement
  • Social Media Management and Strategy
  • We leverage our extensive digital footprint by engaging our influencer and tastemaker networks on a multitude of social media platforms
  • Website design, SEO and SEM

Get in touch

For enquiries, please contact Ian Hamilton Manley via premierbrands@publicity.co.za